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Genus / species unit click photo
Austrochalcophora subfasciata each
Castiarina erubescens (red form) each
Temognatha alternata (rare variety) each
Liteupatorus australicus (major male) each
Oryctoderinus walfordorum each
Anoplognathus smaragdinus (uncommon red form #1) each
Anoplognathus smaragdinus (very rare blue form #2) each
Anoplostethus laetus (rare orange form #3) each
Anoplostethus laetus (rare red form #3) each
Anoplostethus laetus (very rare opal-purple form #3) each

#1. one specimen in every hundred or so
#2. only three specimens in 20 years of collecting on site
#3. one specimen every two or three years
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POA = Price on Application