As stated on the home page and with the legal notices, all specimens are legal and shipped with all necessary Australian export permits.



The easiest way to order specimens will be if you can send us an email indicating the species and quantity you wish to order. We will need the shipping and payment details from the main Order Form which can be added to the email order.


We appreciate your interest, your business and the opportunity to share with you examples of some of the many creatures that live with us in Queensland.


Many species are in stock, but many others are seasonal and often are not seen during any given season. If you have a particular interest group or a species that you are very interested in, please ask.
The alternative method of ordering is via the downloadable forms in PDF format. After downloading the forms, print both, complete the details on the main Order Form, indicate the quantity of the items you wish to order on the Specimen Order Form, and return these by fax: 011 61 7 406 33 860. The cost of shipping is added to the subtotal of items ordered and a final total will be what you owe. Please note: since the inventory of species can vary from season to season and even within the same season, the Specimen Order Form will not always be completely accurate and up-to-date.
If you have questions, comments or specific items that you wish to enquire about, please contact us by email:

Abbreviations used on the pages are:
N/A - Not Currently Available
PE - Please Enquire
POA - Price On Aplication


Payment can be sent via Cheque or Money Order, Credit Card or now with PayPal, however not via this website which is not set for secure transactions. Please use the Order Form details to make payments to us via fax or email!


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All specimens are A1 unless otherwise noted.


Ph: [011 61] 07 40 633 860
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